Terms of Services

0 - Actions not covered by the rules:
-0.1: These rules can't include every specific situation. Act with common sense and do not try to trick the system. Rules will be updated to face as many situations as possible.
-0.2: Suspicious situations will be judged at the discretion of the staff.
-0.3: Decisions by staffers are definitive. Trying to contact another staffer to get a different treatment will result in an augment of the ban duration.
-0.4: Changes in rules are not retroactive. If someone broke a rule before it was added the user won't be punished.
1 - In game Behavior:
-1.1: Respect other players! Insulting, trolling and derogatory comments are strictly forbidden.
-1.2: You may not scam. Scamming includes any attemps to deceive users for your own advantage.
-1.3: You may not spam. Spamming includes messages which make no sense, the same message over and over again, typing in all capital letters, begging, or any other messages which may disrupt another player's experience.
-1.4: You may not encourage other players to break any rules set by 4Nova. If you do so, you will be as punishable as the player that broke the rules.
-1.5: You may not discuss hacks, bugs or any other harmful topic in any of 4Nova's platforms.
-1.6: Lending items to another player is at your own risk! Under no circumstances will your items be recovered.
-1.7: Having a disruptive behavior (staying AFK or feeding) in game modes such as Battle of Kingdoms is forbidden and will be punished with a temporary ban.
-1.8: Disruption or breaking the rules of special GM's events will lead to a punishment. Trolling isn't allowed either.
-1.9 You cannot use second PCs or set up methods with your friends to generate automated and semi-automated AP farming methods.
2 - Game Accounts:

-2.1: The 4Nova staff will never ask for your data (passwords and secure codes). Account names can be asked ONLY to simplify finding tickets or any problem related with the account's character.
-2.2: You may own as many accounts as you like, but they must not be used together to exploit any game mechanics.
-2.3: Account sharing is allowed - at your own risk!
-2.4: Item loss caused by another person accessing your account will only be recovered in certain cases
-2.5: Trading is only allowed via 4Nova channels such as the forum, our discord server and in-game. Any traffic over other platforms is prohibited.
-2.6: You are responsible of the security of your accounts. We encourage you to never use the same data you use on 4Nova on any other platform. If you do, do it at your own risk.
-2.7: Trading 4Nova accounts is not allowed. You can't trade your account for anything. Trying to trade accounts will lead to punishments up to 30 days.
3 - Punishments:

-3.1: Warning: You may receive a warning about your wrongdoing.
-3.2: Account ban: You may receive a definite or an indefinite account ban.
-3.3: Spending money will not earn you privileges. Everyone is judged by the same standards. Asking for exceptions will increase the ban duration up to 30 days.
-3.4: Bans can only be discussed via tickets. However you can discuss ONLY about YOUR bans. Asking for reasons outside tickets is not allowed.
-3.5: You cannot ask explanations on behalf of other users. Only the punished person is allowed to.
-3.6: You may appeal for a ban only via tickets. Every ban is different and we reserve the right to decide wether or not to unban an account. Exception made for bans of Hacking and Real World Trading. Those accounts will never be unbanned.
-3.7: Every punishment is given due to a video/screenshot evidence.
4 - Hacking & Bug Abusing:

-4.0: In case of a violation of rule 4.1 or 4.10 we reserve the right to block future accounts permanently without giving reasons, if no permission to create a new account from [GA]Tiffany is given.
-4.1: Hacking is strictly forbidden and hackers will be permanently banned.
-4.2: Abusing bugs or glitches is not allowed. Game-breaking bugs have to be reported immediately. Hiding game-breaking bugs will lead to a permanent ban.
-4.3: Any client-modification is strictly forbidden. This includes gameguard bypasses, package sending tools etc.
-4.4: You may not use any mechanic that involves afk-lvling. (Exception of in-game Experience Chocolate).
-4.5: You may not use any mechanic that involve afk-farming.
-4.6: The Windows+L usage in combat is a severe bug abuse. We will not hesitate to use the ban hammer after multiple legitimate reports, so beware!
-4.7: The use and abuse of any bug or cheat, will be severely punished, especially if used during PvP.
-4.8: Using Bots or Macro for farming will lead to bans (7 days first offense, 30 second offense) and all related items will be deleted.
-4.9: Using account lists to access other accounts is prohibited and will be punished with a permanent ban and/or PC ban. The attempt is punishable.
5 - Character Names:

-5.1: Names for advertising purposes are not permitted.
-5.2: Offensive names are not allowed (this includes names that fall into: racist, sexist, religious, political or generally offending types).
-5.3: Using a nickname similar to staffer's names is severely prohibited.
6 - Guild Rules:
-6.1: Do not create guilds containing offensive themes (Sex, Porn, Racism, Religion etc.).
-6.2: You may ask for a guild leader change via ticket if the current leader is banned and agrees with the change.
7 - Tournament Rules:
-7.1: You cannot allow other players to play for you on monthly tournament (party and solo). This will lead to a 30 days ban of the account.
-7.1.1: If you want to participate to the tournament from a internet cafe or similar, you HAVE to make a ticket at least 24h before the tournament and you have to prove you're there with a picture during the day of the tournament. The picture will have to show the ticket, and the internet cafe room.
-7..2: Registering multiple characters on one single tournament will lead to a ban (duration depends on daily or monthly)
-7.3: Using bugs or non-intended mechanics during tournaments will lead to harsher bans.
-7.3.1: Logging out of a tournament with the intention of resetting the cooldowns is prohibited. Violations will be punished with a temporary ban up to 7 days.
-7.4: You are not allowed to register on different tournaments.
-7.5: If you have registered for the daily tournaments (solo/grp), you are obliged to participate or register group members.
-7.6: You are not allowed to register at tournaments, which will start at the same time!
-7.7 When an account won the tournament, its not allowed that other player use this account too. Only the account owner is allowed to play on the account till the tournament weapon expires.
-7.8 If you have successfully registered for a tournament, it must be played. Trolling or anything else will lead to a punishment of 30 days.
8 - Reporting Players:
-8.1: Do not modify your evidence (Screenshots or Video)!
-8.2: You may not name-shame. You are not allowed to accuse someone in the public. This will result in a punishment to you too.
-8.3: Reporting players in the forum is strictly forbidden. Reports can be done ONLY via tickets.
-8.4: Only one player per evidence. Make it clear who you are reporting! If you send a long video, please specify the time of the misbehavior and the name of the character.
-8.5: Reports without screenshots or videos will be ignored.
-8.6: Reporting a player will not give you the right to know if the reported user will be banned or not.
9 - 4Nova Staff:
9.1: Do not pretend to be a staff member.
9.2: Staff members have a tag in front of their name (I.e. [TGM], [GM]).
9.3: Staffers will never contact you to get your data. You can get contacted only via tickets or via in-game chats if you write in Administrator's chat.
9.4: Impersonating staffers will lead to a 30days/permanent ban.
9.4.1: It is forbidden to pretend to be friends with a team member to threaten other players. Violations will be punished with a 14 days ban.
9.5: Staffers are not allowed to ask you any sensible data.
9.6: Staffers are subject to internal rules that are managed by TM or GA. Those rules, are not public.
10 - Staff support:
-10.1: The staffers are not allowed to play favorites. This includes giving away items or gold to only a selected group of players.
-10.2: Trading with a staffer is not allowed.
-10.3: The staffers are authorized to provide explanations only and exclusively to the user who has received the sanction (only via ticket). However, the user will not be able to get logs/screenshots of the evidence to protect reporter's privacy.
-10.4: Staffers, like every other player is subject to the same rules.
-10.5: Staffers ALWAYS provide screenshots and videos in every ban reason. Implying that staffers ban without proofs, will increase your ban duration.
-10.6: If you do not agree with your ban, you must contact us within 7 days via ticket, otherwise your complaint will be ignored.
11 - Free killing:
-11.1: It is strictly prohibited to gain honor and bonus points by trading kills with the opposite faction. Both accounts will be punished without further ado.
12 - War modes: (The ban history is cleared after 90 days)
-12.1: It is not allowed to go AFK during a mode. -12.2: Griefing or intentionally sabotaging your own team is not allowed.
-12.2.1 The repeating of actions against the benefit of the own team is considered as trolling (examples below) a) Intentionally not supporting the team members in the modes. (applies especially to Priest) b) The intentional and senseless running into opposing teams.
-12.3: The deliberate passing of another team is not allowed (also called "teaming").
-12.4: Donating life with the intention of leaving the Battle Royal prematurely is prohibited. If you violate this rule, your account will be sanctioned according to rule 12.2.
-12.5: The deliberate passing of another team or deliberate donation of kills during a Battle Royal/Battle of Kingdoms Tournament is prohibited and will result in the disqualification of all kills already made and a temporary account suspension(the duration depends on previous punishments).
13 - Notes
-13.1: All donations are used for the upkeep of the server.
-13.2: By creating an account on the forum and/or in the game you automatically accept our rules.
-13.3: Like law, our rules don't admit ignorance. If you don't read the rules it's at your own risk.
-13.4: It is not allowed to hide or disable the result chat in a video. If you violate this rule, your account will be sanctioned according to rule 4.9. [temporarily suspended]
14 - Donations
-14.1: There is no way to refund donations on our donation system. If you open a Dispute on paypal, we reserve the right to ban you permanently from the system.
-14.2: 4Nova does not have to "reward" donors with the virtual currency "moonstones" or other items.
-14.3: If there is a problem with our donation system, please report it immediately to the ticket system.
-14.4: Please contact our support if any issues occur.
-14.5: Exploiting any mechanics to trick the donation system will lead to a permanent ban of all your accounts.
15 - Legal Note
You have no ownership or other property interest in any of the Virtual Goods you unlock, regardless of whether you acquired access to those Virtual Goods using Moonstones. Virtual Goods have no monetary value. You can’t redeem them for cash. You can’t obtain any refunds for purchasing Moonstones or Virtual Goods, except as expressly permitted by us.
We have the right to delete, alter, move, remove, or transfer any and all Game Content—including Virtual Goods—in whole or in part, at any time and for any reason or no reason, with or without notice to you, and with no liability of any kind to you.
16 - Forum
-16.1: In the forum it is only allowed to write in English. If you want to create a thread in another language you are ONLY allowed to create it in the "Off-Topic" section.
-16.2: Failure to follow the rules may result in thread/post deletion, warnings, and ultimately forum ban.
-16.3: Off-topic posts, spam posts or similar, will be removed without any hesitation.
-16.4: Multi accounts on the forum may lead to a temporary or even permanent ban INGAME and in our forum. If you have the necessity to create a second one, please don't hesitate to contact any staffer.
-16.5: Accounts with offensive names or spam names, will be permanently banned.
-16.6: You must open threads in the proper section. Continuous violations will lead to a warn.
-16.7: You must not go off-topic. Several violations, will lead to a warn.
-16.8: Excessive warns on an account will lead to a temporary/permanent ban on the platform.
-16.9: Posting inappropriate images in the gallery will lead to a warn and to the removal of the image.
-16.10: You are not allowed to insult other users, post racist statements and not have insulting profile/signature pictures.
T&C Agreements (1) Subject to the General Terms of Use - Scope
(1.1) These conditions govern the use of online gaming and other 4Nova service offerings on its internet pages. In the event of registration or login by the user on the 4Nova portal, a contract for use of client-based online gaming (ie games requiring a client download) is signed with 4Nova
(1.2) Online gaming and other service offerings are subject to ongoing developments, upgrades and updates by 4Nova. The user therefore has only the opportunity to participate in the online game or to enjoy the other services in their updated version available at the time of use.
(1.3) Online gaming and other services offered by 4Nova are exclusively for entertainment purposes. It is also prohibited to use them for profit or for commercial purposes.
(1.4) It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the software and hardware provided by them are up to date and suitable for use.
T&C Agreements (2) Contract Stipulation
(2.1) The prerequisite for using online gaming and other 4Nova service offerings is the user's registration and / or access to the gaming client.
(2.2) Registration is only permitted to natural persons. Only single people are allowed to be used as a user (groups, families, co-habitants, etc. are excluded). If you are a minor you will be insured by submitting your application for registration to have an effective authorization issued by your legal representative.
(2.3) When registering, the user is required to indicate a game name and an e-mail address to the user himself. This player has no right to assign a certain player name. The name of the player must not be a violation of third party rights and should not be prejudicial to the good habit. As a player name, they must not use e-mail or internet addresses either. The user responds to the truthfulness and completeness of the data provided to 4Nova at registration.
(2.4) Registration is done personally. Third-party registration is not allowed.
(2.5) Acceptance of the registration request is made on the 4Nova portal by means of an authorization confirmation sent by e-mail. With the email in question, the user receives an activation link. By clicking on it, 4Nova enables the user and player account. With the authorization or activation of another type by 4Nova, it improves between you and the user an indefinite use contract in accordance with these conditions. In some cases, the registration procedure may differ from what is specified here; the user will be adequately informed about it.
(2.6) Upon registration, the user will create a user account (user account), which he / she can administer autonomously.
(2.7) The user account is not transferable unless expressly authorized by 4Nova.
(2.8) There is no entitlement to registration and authorization.
T&C Agreements (3) General User Obligations
(3.1) User Data You agree to immediately notify 4Nova of any future changes to the user's data provided during registration, in particular the changes that affect the e-mail address. You agree to confirm to 4Nova upon request the correctness of the data of the same.
(3.2) Log-in data, identifiers, passwords.
(3.2.1) The user is committed to maintaining the maximum resale in relation to his / her log-in data, all identifiers and passwords. The user can enter the log-in data exclusively on 4Nova's managed web pages.
(3.2.2) For "log-in data" and "identifiers and passwords" are all strings of letters and / or characters and / or numbers used to identify the user and exclude from unauthorized third party use. The password should not coincide with the player's name and contain a combination of numbers and letters.
(3.2.3) You agree to let unauthorized third parties access your log-in data, all identifiers, and passwords.
(3.2.4) In the event that the user has reason to believe that third parties are or may have been abusive in the possession of the data, they will immediately notify 4Nova and will modify their own personal data or 4Nova. In this case or in the event that 4Nova suspects that the data was abusively used, it will also have the right to temporarily suspend the access of the user. The user will be again authorized to use it as soon as the suspicion of data abuse has been frozen.
(3.2.5) The user is in no way authorized to use the log-in data of other users.
(3.3) Use of 4Nova's Internet pages and their content
(3.3.1) You agree to omit any act that may compromise or interfere with the operation of 4Nova's internet pages or individual services and services offered and not accessed to data that you are not entitled to access. It is only possible to recall the contents provided so that the use of 4Nova's internet pages and content by other users is not compromised. It is not allowed to send data or software that may interfere with the hardware or software of receivers.
(3.3.2) You have no right to publish content on 4Nova's web pages.
(3.3.3) 4Nova's internet pages are not allowed through anonymisation services that suppress the user's IP address.
(3.4) links It is allowed to create links to the 4Nova web pages only if they are intended for interconnection of pages. However, 4Nova reserves the right to revoke this authorization. However, it is not allowed to integrate or represent the 4Nova web pages or their contents via hyperlinks in frames.
T&C Agreements (4) Special conditions for using the game online
(4.1) Any form of manipulation of online gaming is forbidden to the user. In particular, the user is not authorized to use any measurements, mechanisms or software that may compromise the operation and course of the game. The user is not authorized to take measures that may cause excessive or unreasonable loads of technical skills. The user is also not allowed to block, overwrite or modify the contents generated by 4Nova, nor to interfere with the game in such a way that it may be a disruption.
(4.2) The user is by no means permitted: a) create or use cheat, mod and / or hack, or use third-party software that may modify the regular course of the game online, b) make use of software that allows "data mining" or intercept or otherwise collect information related to online gaming, c) make use of virtual objects used in online gaming outside the game itself, buy, seil or exchange such items in exchange for "real" money. The aforementioned also includes all acts of rabies and similar or comparable behaviors in their effect to the abovementioned prohibitions.
(4.3) All rights to virtual objects used in the on-line game and given for use on a royalty-free basis are exclusive to 4Nova. The specified one also applies to user-created virtual objects. The user grants 4Nova the exclusive and unlimited right in terms of space, time and content to use the virtual objects created by them. This right includes, in particular, the rights to reproduction, dissemination and processing of the objects in question. As far as virtual objects are concerned, the user has only a non-exclusive use right and is temporarily limited to the duration of the contract.
T&C Agreements (5) Effects of non-compliance
(5.1) 4Nova will not be liable for any damages arising out of the breach of your obligations.
(5.2) Without prejudice to any other statutory or contractual right, 4Nova may, at its sole discretion, take the following action if the user violates the applicable law, third party rights, these terms of use or the applicable terms and conditions of the case the rules of the games: a) modification or deletion of content, b) user warning, c) publication of illegal behavior in the on-line game concerned and indication of the user name, d) Temporary or definitive suspension by the user of online gaming and the use of 4Nova's web pages, e) User exclusion, f) resolution without prior notice of the contract of use.
(5.3) If the user has been suspended or excluded, he / she is not allowed to log-in again unless 4Nova agrees. There is therefore no right to annul a suspension, an exclusion, a virtual banning of Internet pages or other measures.
T&C Agreements (6) Fees for use
(6.1) The use of online gaming and other services is free of charge.
(6.2) However, you may make a Contribution on a Demand (hereinafter referred to as "Donation Simplicity") and obtain individual service or feature offers in the framework of online gaming.
(6.3) If a minor user intends to donate a quantity of money, he or she ensures that the means necessary to implement it have been provided to you by your legal representative for donation or that the minor is authorized to use it for free.
(6.4) The established fees are payable as soon as the contract has been signed. The charge is executed as a rule by the party responsible for payment transactions; Any general terms of contract applied in individual cases by such person (specifically the payment service provider) will always be valid in the order subject to these terms of use.
(6.5) The user ensures that the particulars (in particular the bank details, credit card number, etc.) provided in the framework of the payment transactions are complete and correct.
(6.6) 4Nova reserves the right to change the payment methods at any time.
(6.7) 4Nova reserves the right to modify the gaming fee fee for the game's internal features (including virtual currencies). This includes the right of 4Nova, as far as the future purchase of game features is concerned, to reduce or increase the fees for the games.
(6.8) In case of force majeure such as fire, water, ... and the loss of data we reserve the right that all transactions carried out can not be withdrawn!
(6.9) If 4Nova incurs charges or unsuccessful charges due to circumstances attributable to the user (including insufficient coverage on the account), the user will be charged for the costs incurred. 4Nova will be able to recover these charges and remuneration by means of a new debit transaction. 4Nova is entitled to claim damages for further damages.
T&C Agreements (7) Limitations to Responsibility
(7.1) You personally and directly respond to third parties of the breaches attributable to their rights. You agree to reimburse 4Nova any damage that may arise from non-compliance with the obligations arising out of these Terms of Use. The user of the site shall be free from any rights claimed by other users or third parties against 4Nova if the user-created content violates their rights or if the user fails to comply with other obligations. In such cases, the user will also bear the costs of legal support required by 4Nova as well as the totality of legal expenses and the legal representative. The above does not apply if the legal violation is not attributable to the user.
(7.2) In the event of inconvenience to 4Nova that affects the lines, it will not assume any responsibility.
T&C Agreements (8) Duration of the contract; delete the user account
(8.1) The contract for the use of the 4Nova portal, online gaming and other offers of services is concluded indefinitely. It acquires validity from the authorization or licensing by 4Nova.
(8.2) Each party has the right to terminate the contract for good reason without notice of any termination. Specifically, there is a good reason if: a) there is a behavior which does not affect the gaming experience of other users, b) cheat, mod and / or hacks or other forms of software, tools or scripts that may alter the experience or gaming mechanism in online gambling, c) the use of the user account by a third party has been verified, d) the user makes use of the virtual objects used in the online game outside the game itself if he buys, sells or exchanges such items in exchange for "real" money or e) You violate the law, these terms of use, the applicable terms and conditions and / or the rules of the game.
(8.3) 4Nova is authorized to delete the user account if there are legitimate reasons (eg prolonged inactivity). 4Nova can also delete at its discretion the user account at the end of the contract.
T&C Agreements (9) Personal Data Protection

(9.1) Personal data will be processed exclusively by authorized persons, with automated tools and the time it takes to achieve the purposes for which they are collected.
(9.2) 4Nova reserves the right to change these terms of use. It will be important for users to be aware of any changes to these general terms of use. You declare your consent to the acquisition of validity of the modified terms of use by running a new log on on the 4Nova or gaming client pages after the modified conditions have come into effect.